Sioux Falls has some great hotels.

​Here are a few I would recommend

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About me

I have enjoyed a busy freelance reporting career in the Sioux Falls area since 1981 specializing in depositions, medical malpractice cases, administrative hearings, public hearings, and expert witness testimony.  I also embrace the use of current technology to be as efficient as possible by scanning exhibits, e-mailing transcripts, or producing rough drafts and daily copy.


Registered Merit Reporter

A Registered Merit Reporter is a reporter who has passed testing at 260 wpm.  I have proudly held the title of Registered Merit Reporter since 1986.  I am also an active member of the National Court Reporters Association and the South Dakota Court Reporters Association.   I am a Notary Public for the state of Minnesota and I hold the Iowa CSR certification.  All of this combined enables me to cover the tri-state area.

Professionalism    Integrity    Expeditious

My Goal

​My goal is customer satisfaction.  I take pride in each and every job ensuring accuracy and prompt delivery.  I will dedicate my skills, time, and professionalism to provide quality service from the actual writing of the job to its final delivery.

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